Our safety services

In operational environments where intricate industry challenges can lead to uncertainty, HSB Resources is your trusted partner in delivering safety services and simplified solutions. Our dedicated team possesses a diverse wealth of knowledge, designing tailored solutions to alleviate your organisational pain points. We provide quality systematic and operational frameworks that drive change to integrate safety as a core value and not just a priority that can change over time.

HSB-Resources__Safety Culture

Front line safety & compliance

Our personnel have the skills to deliver compliance and functional solutions to your frontline. Through experience in tailoring operational safety processes, our team can help you fulfill your compliance obligations while effectively supporting the delivery of safe operations.

Our solutions include:

  • Labour hire safety advisors
  • Frontline documentation development
  • Frontline audit and assurance processes
  • Contractor verifications
  • Occupational health expertise
  • Safety culture support
HSB-Resources__Safety Management Systems

Safety management systems

At HSB Resources, we work closely with your operations team to develop safety management systems tailored to your organisation and its safety and legislative requirements. We can scale your system to suit your organisation, from a small start-up to a top tier corporate organisation.

Our solutions include:  

  • Integrated Health, Safety, Environment and Quality (HSEQ) System
  • Contractor Management
  • Plant management systems
  • Permit to work solutions
  • Critical safety control processes
  • Training needs analysis and management systems
  • Safety in design processes
  • Change management integration
HSB-Resources__Safety Labour Solutions_2

Safety labour hire

We have experienced safety professionals available to integrate into your organisation at all levels to assist with the delivery of your existing management systems. Our difference is that we provide customised arrangements suited to your financial, operational and skill set needs. 

Our solutions include: 

  • Industry experienced safety professionals
  • Flexible and available at short notice
  • Tailored labour contracts or full-time recruitment
  • Trained for your organisation
HSB-Resources__Equipment Verification

Equipment inspection and verification

Our certified equipment inspectors are skilled in navigating the Australian legislative jurisdictional compliance requirements. Inspections range from fit for purpose infield inspections reviewing all safety critical elements to pre-mobilisation verification assessments.  

Our solutions include:

  • Lifting, hoisting and heights safety inspections
  • Fire safety equipment test and tag
  • Electrical equipment test and tag
  • Verification of internationally built equipment, conformity assessed to Australian and legistlative standards
  • Remote inspection services supported through assisted reality wearable solutions (Realwear)
  • Rig inspection – Pacific Rim Inspections
HSB-Resources__Incident Control Verification

Incident control verification

We provide a service to review the implemented changes and controls following serious and high potential incident events. We review of implemented changes to determine their effectiveness in preventing a re-occurrence. 

  • Incident management
  • Critical control verification assessments
  • Incident analysis
HSB-Resources__Safety Culture_2

Safety culture transformation

We have assisted operators and contractors with upskilling and implementing the Safer Together Assist and Assure program

  • Positive safety discussions to encourage intervention
  • Reduce incident frequency rates
  • Consultative planning and leadership
  • Creating a safe environment
HSB-Resources__Safety Coaching

Health & safety coaching

Our safety training and coaching programs are specifically designed to meet the goals of your organisation, effectively enhancing the knowledge of your safety professionals and workforce

  • Safety training programs
  • Safety communication strategies
  • Maximise overall workplace health and safety performance
  • Safety coaching sessions