Labour hire

Expertise and efficiency to elevate your safety standards

At HSB Resources, we understand that maintaining a safe and productive work site requires the right people with the right training at the right time. Our Safety Labour Hire Solutions offer a specialised approach to safety personnel, ensuring that the team members assigned to your organisation or operational areas not just fit for purpose but equipped with specialist HSB Resources training. Providing the straightforward simplified solutions, we are known for. 

Our safety professionals are empowered to act swiftly and decisively, effectively mitigating safety risks in compliance with relevant legislation and standards while tailoring their services for the job at hand. They foster a culture of safety excellence within your organisation from the day they arrive. 

With our commitment to proactive safety and practical strategies that align with your operations and processes, HSB Resources are your trusted partner in achieving safety simplification while enhancing productivity. 

True safety begins with understanding

your unique needs and challenges

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Tailored labour hire solutions

  • Industry experienced safety professionals
  • Manager, office advisor or site based solutions
  • Short notice & flexible arrangements
  • Tailored agreements
  • Trained for your organisation
  • Full-time recruitment options