Equipment verification

Ensure safety and compliance

HSB Resources are your trusted partners in ensuring the safety and compliance of your industrial equipment, machinery and plant. Our mission is to provide high-quality safety services that prioritise ensuring your equipment and machinery support the well-being of your workforce while adhering to Australian safety standards. A great deal of site equipment is imported and needs verification to ensure Australian safety standards are met before authorisation for use on site.


Our deep understanding of operational processes

ensures safety and productivity


Machinery & equipment verification

A fundamental step in achieving safety excellence begins with a precise understanding of your machinery’s compliance with the required legislative and Australian standards. Our consultants have a deep knowledge of plant compliance and the skills to provide verification strategies and facilitated processes to ensure your equipment is complaint and fit for purpose. 

With safety systems at the heart of our onsite services, equipment verification is an important add on service to ensure that identified hazards have been appropriately addressed, and safety levels have been met. 

Our equipment validation options, range from basic functionality checks to comprehensive fault simulations. We integrate the service with your safety systems to provide integrity to your processes and give you peace of mind. 

Secure a safer future with HSB Resources

At HSB Resources, we are committed to simplifying safety through thorough verification for your industrial equipment, machinery, and plant. Contact us today for an obligation-free discussion on how we can elevate your safety standards and enhance productivity within your organisation.