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Rig and equipment inspections, auditing and compliance

With over 30 years in the field, Pacific Rim Inspections boasts a team of highly skilled inspectors equipped with cutting-edge technology and adhering to industry best practices.

We assess the integrity, functionality, and safety of various assets, including drilling rigs (both onshore and offshore), mineral rigs, oil and gas control equipment, and production assets. Our compliance inspection audits ensure alignment with industry standards for critical equipment reliability.


Tailored verification solutions

Tailoring our services to meet the unique needs of each of our clients, Pacific Rim Inspections offers comprehensive verification solutions driven by our meticulous equipment compliance and auditing procedures. We deliver valuable insights presented in a user-friendly format, categorising findings to align with industry benchmarks for critical equipment reliability.

At Pacific Rim Inspections, we prioritise client satisfaction and safety, ensuring the highest standards of quality and reliability in every inspection and audit we conduct.

Rig Inspection & Auditing

Our rig inspection and auditing services encompass a comprehensive assessment of drilling rigs, both onshore and offshore. We evaluate structural integrity, mechanical components, electrical systems, and safety protocols to ensure optimal performance and compliance with industry regulations. Our inspections cover all aspects of rig operation, including equipment functionality, maintenance records, and adherence to safety standards.

API Well Control Compliance

Pacific Rim Inspections specialises in API well control compliance assessments to verify that drilling operations meet the stringent standards set by the American Petroleum Institute (API). Our inspectors examine well control equipment, procedures, and personnel training to ensure compliance with API guidelines for preventing blowouts and managing pressure control during drilling operations. We provide detailed reports and recommendations for enhancing well control capabilities and maintaining regulatory compliance.

Dropped Object Inspections

Dropped object inspections focus on identifying and mitigating potential hazards associated with falling objects on rig sites. Our inspectors assess rig infrastructure, equipment installation, and operational procedures to minimise the risk of dropped objects. We provide recommendations for securing loose items, implementing protective measures, and enhancing safety protocols to prevent accidents and injuries.

Human Machine Interface (HMI) surveys

HMI surveys focus on evaluating the effectiveness and usability of human-machine interfaces in controlling and monitoring rig operations. Our inspectors assess the design, functionality, and ergonomic features of HMIs to optimise operator performance, minimise errors, and enhance situational awareness on the rig. We provide recommendations for improving HMI design, interface layout, and operator training to maximise efficiency and safety.

Safety Case Development

Safety case development involves the creation of comprehensive safety documentation outlining risk management strategies, emergency response procedures, and safety protocols for rig operations. Our experts collaborate with clients to develop tailored safety cases that address regulatory requirements, industry standards, and operational risks. We provide guidance on hazard identification, risk assessment, and safety management strategies to enhance rig safety and compliance.

Safety Case Auditing

Safety case auditing involves independent assessments of safety documentation, procedures, and practices to verify compliance with regulatory requirements and industry standards. Our auditors review safety cases, emergency response plans, training records, and operational procedures to ensure alignment with regulatory requirements and best practices. We provide detailed audit reports with recommendations for enhancing safety performance, mitigating risks, and improving compliance with regulatory requirements.

Rig Condition Surveys

Rig condition surveys involve thorough inspections of rig infrastructure, equipment, and systems to assess overall condition and identify potential maintenance issues. Our inspectors evaluate structural integrity, corrosion, wear and tear, and compliance with regulatory standards. We provide detailed reports outlining maintenance priorities, repair recommendations, and long-term asset management strategies to ensure rig reliability and operational efficiency.

Failure Modes & Effects Analysis (FMEA)

FMEA is a systematic approach to identifying and analysing potential failure modes in rig equipment and systems, along with their potential effects on operations. Our inspectors conduct detailed risk assessments to prioritise preventive maintenance activities, mitigate potential failure risks, and optimise equipment reliability. We provide comprehensive FMEA reports outlining potential failure modes, their effects, and recommended mitigation strategies to minimise downtime and ensure operational continuity.

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Steve Wintringham

As the Director of Pacific Rim Inspections, Steve brings over 27 years of technical knowledge and knowhow, crafted through his time working as a Chief Rig Mechanic in overseas onshore and offshore rig and oil and gas operations. Steve has spent the last ten years as a Mechanical Rig Inspector skilled in providing efficient asset management and compliance solutions.